To appreciate the unconditional love you (hopefully) got, roleplay a world without it.

Most of us have experienced unconditional love. Teens in the foster care system are not so lucky.  How can everyone else imagine a life that lacks unconditional love? This game helps you begin to imagine the loss of identity, culture, and social isolation — a deep loneliness.

In this game, players are cast as an isolated teen.  You, the player, will feel alone.  Feel the rush of relief when someone, anyone, notices you.  Reflect on that.  Can you notice a hunger for …something deeper than chatty friendship? Can you see that hunger is yours, the player, not the character?  Like the dotted lines on a tummy tuck, players will be become consicous of the gift their parents gave them: unconditional love. It’s irreplaceable and infinitely precious.  Role-play lets you notice it.

This game aims to give the player an inkling of a preverbal, subconscious feelings.

Perhaps you hated your parents, or still do. That is a different pain, like the loss of a leg through accident. Children who have never had a parent are like those born without legs. There is no memory, no awareness of the loss, no scarred skin. There is only a smooth, hollowed area where love, security, and safety should have gone. There is no “differently abled” in motherless children: it is a outright handicap, a crippling blow that a few teens must somehow endure.

Unconditional love from an early age is a tough thing to notice and appreciate.  This game is a tool to let you do so.

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